REI Diamonds Show with Joe Mueller, REO Broker & Investor on Picking the BEST Deals for Your Portfolio - REI Diamonds-Real Estate Investment Podcast

Joe & Dan Discuss: Joe’s Best Deal & How He Selected that Deal  Joe’s Worst Deal & How to Avoid Selecting that type of Deal Where Has All the Inventory Gone?  Is it Coming Back   Resources Mentioned in this Episode: Tanis Group Realty   Investor Empowerment Radio (Podcast Show)   Chicago RING Meeting & Investor Empowerment Series   Most Popular Episodes: (There are 66 Content Packed Interviews in Total)  George Beatty and an Inside Look at Doing Deals with Diamond Equity Michael Freedman on Verifying, Reducing, or EVEN ELIMINATING Flood Zone Designations on All Kinds of Real Estate Frank Montro on Closing 300 Deals Per Year (AKA-King of Southside Chicago Fix & Flip Deals) Russell Walker on Buying, Fixing, & Selling Houses   Do You Know Anyone Else Who’s a Real Estate Investor?  Or Maybe they’re Trying to Become a Real Estate Investor? Do You Think they’d Also Enjoy this Episode? Please Forward this Link & Tell Them to:   Sign Up for the REI Diamonds Weekly Podcast Your Copy of “7 Sources of Off Market Deals” Just Go to to Download a Copy & Check out Recent Popular Episodes.  
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