#03: Vegan Water Detox - The Great Explorer

While traveling is demanding in itself, I still need to pay attention to my body. During my last days in Colombia and my first days in Ecuador I embarked on a 10 day, no food - water detox. Think about it like changing the oil of your car, detoxing is the same. Cleaning the shit out of your body, resrafting clean and gaining mass cognative benefits on top. I gorged on baked yuka, potatoes and burritos the night before my fast and I was proud of my last meal. It wasn't easy as some days I was moving around, leave and crossing land borders, taking transportation and even exploring mountains and craters! All with very little energy... The before and after pictures can be found here: https://celinasky.com/water-fast-detoxing-my-body/ Hosted by Celina Sky www.celinasky.com TW: @celskythegreat IG: @celthegreat Produced, edited, and engineered by: Mason Booker Title Music: TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music - #97 (Climbing a Square Tree)  
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