30. Léon: The Professional (Listener Choice!) - Load Bearing Beams

Listener Polliwogwannabe suggested Luc Besson's 1994 classic Léon: The Professional, a film Laci mistook for a kids movie about a cartoon mouse. Turns out she had actually seen it before, because it fits right into her mid-nineties canon of thrillers featuring antiheroes in dark clothing who like to talk about pop singers. Matt had never seen it. WHAT DID WE THINK? Only one way to find out: By reading this sentence—we loved it! But you should still listen. Time stamp: Léon: The Professional (06:25) Website: www.loadbearingbeams.com Twitter: @LoadBearingPod Want us to talk about your movie? Leave us a review on iTunes and include your Listener's Choice suggestion, as well as a sentence or two about what the movie means to you.
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