08: Why the Markets Will Go Higher - Stansberry Investors MarketCast

John asks, “Why is the current Fed acting like the JV tennis team?” At his first FOMC meeting, Chairman Jerome Powell couldn’t seem to get on the same page as the press releases coming from his own office. Scott breaks down the current interest rate “dot plot” and what Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan said that has the entire market scratching its head. John and Scott discuss the appointment of National Security Advisor John Bolton, Chinese tariffs, and the negotiation style of Trump that’s now showing a predictable trend to the markets.   Scott weighs in on technology, the #deletefacebook movement, and tells you that more regulation could be on the way for Silicon Valley. Is the blocked Qualcomm-Broadcom merger a sign of tougher times to come for the tech industry? Will the FANG trade decouple? Scott tells you the one stock that could be in line to replace one of the FANGs.   John tells you why Jim Chanos, Kyle Bass, and the Wall Street Journal have all been dead wrong about China. China has big economic plans, including competing heavily with the dollar. Will the new petro-yuan overtake the petro-dollar and threaten US dominance as a reserve currency?
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