Episode 58 - Kundalini & Surrender - Rebel Guru Radio

Kundalini & Surrender In this episode, Eric will explore the real truth behind Kundalini and dispel a lot of the garbage out there surrounding the topic. Be guided through a mini kundalini practice and feel the energy first hand! Don't miss out on the video format of this episode, you can find it on Youtube. Enjoy Episode Bullet Points: * How to develop trust between healer and recipient before a healing session. * The difference between REAL Kundalini experiences and hyperventilation * Why almost all of the Information out there about Kundalini is JUNK * Guided Kundalini Exercise  * What dangers to look out for and how to fix them if they happen.  * Does micro-dosing with psychedelics help with Surrender?  * Why Energy Movements are crucial to work with Kundalini Energy Mastery product offer: rebelgururadio.com/energymastery For the Video visit https://rebelgururadio.com/kundalini-and-surrender/ Disclaimer: This is not intended to be medical advice. We are not medical professionals. The ideas expressed in this podcast are strictly our opinions. You should always consult with you doctor before making medical changes.
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