EP33: 'Bitcoin State of Union' w/ Bobby Lee (Oct 2017) - Tech in Shanghai

It’s been a wild year in Bitcoin, and we’re not done yet! This year has seen several all time highs, the ICO boom, the culmination of the Bitcoin scaling debate, the initiation of hardforks, regulatory changes in China, and lots of development in the ecosystem.  As Bitcoin’s market cap continues to climb, it is attracting evermore attention, market entrants, supporters, detractors and regulatory scrutiny.  October has been a (relatively) quiet month for Bitcoin, subsequent to the shut down of exchanges in China, and prior to the culmination of the SegWit2X drama in mid-late November.  So, I thought it would be a great time to re-connect with my pal Bobby Lee, for our third interview in 3 years, in what we’ve come to refer to as the ‘Bitcoin State of the Union’ chat. Bobby, as usual, was incredibly generous with his time, which allowed us to go for almost 2 hours, as we attempted to touch on the main events from the year, and speculate on what lies ahead in the near future. If you’re brand new to Bitcoin, I highly suggest you listen to my two other discussions with Bobby first, as in this one we skip past the ‘basics’ and get right into the relevant events of the past 9 months or so. Enjoy! For more from BTCC: WEBSITE: www.btcc.com MOBILE WALLET: www.mobi.me MINT: store.btcc.com For more from Tech in Shanghai: WEBSITE: www.techinshanghai.com TWITTER: www.twitter.com/techinshanghai YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/channel/UC4v9ftNF2AFDAOze0uhNrzw WECHAT: The HungryFoolish  
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