How do I validate my idea in the cheapest way possible? - FAQ: Founders Ask Questions

Key Points:  * First, start with validating the problem. Just because you think it’s a problem, doesn’t mean others agree. Sometimes, people will guide you towards other ideas you hadn’t considered, or reveal that they actually have bigger problems they’d like solved. * Ask people what they think! Carrie from Little Nugget (and a guest on the Better Product podcast), made a powerpoint and shared with other moms who she wanted to help.  * Ensure that you are talking to the right person. I’ve talked to startups that are solving problems for retail consumers and they forget to talk to the store owners. For example, if you had an idea to create a parking app for grocery stores, you could validate the idea with the shoppers and hear things like “That’s a great idea, it’d make parking so easy!” But in that case, you’d need to also be solving a problem for the grocery because you can’t build something without their buy-in. 
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