Ann Shoket: The Ambition Trap - The Femails

Meet Ann Shoket, the former editor-in-chief of Seventeen Magazine, author of The Big Life, and a champion for millennial women who are redefining the meaning of power and success. But championing women isn’t why I asked Ann Shoket to join us—although we’ll definitely cover that. I wanted Ann to come talk about what I call The Ambition Trap. Sometimes drive and direction don’t work in tandem, and that can feel really, really frustrating. All that mess is something Ann totally understands—she’s a bit of millennial woman guru—and I’m sure many of you can relate to the internal battle you have with your ambition as well. Which is why on this episode we’ll be discussing:   * What exactly ambition means and why women struggle with the ambition trap * How to deal with the “itch” or that feeling that something better might be out there * And the different meanings and outcomes behind side hustles.   Show Notes: Unhappy at Work Quiz The Big Life Ann Shoket Instagram Badass Babes
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