Children's Nutrition and Behavioral/Emotional Health - Gutsy Health | Nutrition and Medicine

In this episode Gutsy Health, we further the discussion on children’s behavior. As parents, we often see their behavior through adult eyes and don’t notice the hidden messages that our children are giving. They don't always know how to express their emotions in words, so instead, they show it through their behavior. We talk about how food and exposure to man-made creations can affect the behavior and mental health of our children. Let’s find healing at the root of the problem and stop putting a bandaid on the issue. Intro to Episode 1:57 Young Years and Food 7:54 Importance of Trace Minerals 22:17 Current Exposures to Children 33:49 Conclusion 67:13 “You know that when your children aren’t feeling well, they don’t behave well.” 67:13 @provohealth @gutsy_mom
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