David Bowie's Blackstar - Supercontext: an autopsy of media

  Looking at David Bowie's final record Blackstar we ask, "Was he saying goodbye?" The public's treasure hunt for meaning in both this record's lyrics and art seems to say so. But how do people's grief for dead celebrities invite such deeply personal connections?   iTunes direct link   Google Play direct link   Additional Resources: * How We Grieve Our Famous Dead * Producer Tony Visconti Talks David Bowie and Blackstar * The Inside Story of David Bowie's Stunning New Album, 'Blackstar' * David Bowie: Blackstar review – a spellbinding break with his past * David Bowie Allowed His Art to Deliver a Final Message * New David Bowie album, inspired by Kendrick Lamar, features LCD's James Murphy * David Bowie’s Blackstar a nearly perfect goodbye: review * Was David Bowie saying goodbye on Blackstar? * The final mysteries of David Bowie’s Blackstar – Elvis, Crowley and 'the villa of Ormen' * David Bowie's Final Album 'Blackstar' & 'Lazarus' Video Were Goodbye Notes * Bowie's Blackstar outsold classic albums in year after he died
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