Eric Pepin Live Session 32 clip - Dividing Your Consciousness: Orbs Technique - Rebel Guru Radio

Dividing Your Consciousness The Orbs Technique Do you wish you had a way to deal with chaotic times in your life? Do you lack the confidence to deal with life's challenges? Learn how Eric Pepin handles situations like this and start resolving the chaos today!  Enjoy a guided session he calls the Orbs, you can utilize this whenever life's challenges get messy. Also, learn how to properly use the HBI Pyramid Technique to defend the energy of yourself and objects. If you loved this podcast consider subscribing to Eric Pepin Live each month. Go to What you learn in this short promotional clip: - How people water down the Pyramid Technique (energy defense technique) - Guided Session of the Orbs Technique to deal with chaotic problems. - Remembering times when you felt like a BADASS and utilizing that in your life. Related Courses: High Gaurd - Eric Pepin Live -
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