9: Our Best Marketing Services in 15 Minutes or Less - The Plus Podcast

Are you new to outbound marketing? Are you experienced with mail and email marketing, but need support trying new outbound channels like Informed Delivery or Targeted Display Ads? Want a new marketing tactic for shopping cart abandonment that won’t wear out your welcome? Listen to Michelle Toivonen to learn how to market better with Midwest. ... Learn More: https://www.mw-direct.com/resources/the-plus-podcast/ ... Resources: https://www.mw-direct.com/marketing/strategic-marketing/informed-delivery-booklet/ https://www.mw-direct.com/marketing/outbound-marketing/ https://www.mw-direct.com/marketing/strategic-marketing/ https://www.mw-direct.com/marketing/outbound-marketing/retarget-with-direct-mail/ https://www.mw-direct.com/blog/posts/omnichannel-marketing-what-you-need-to-know/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-toivonen-2a444a4/
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