It's Never Too Late with an Invisible Muse on Your Side - The Divine Breadcrumb

In this episode, Deb and Carol are joined by the delightful Sue Gilbert, a talented mixed-media artist who started her craft late in life and is mainly self-taught. Sue's pieces are whimsical, happy, full of color and exude positive vibes. Sue's art is sought-after. She was one of four featured artists in "Art Saves Live", a film by Sharon Sanborn. Her work was exhibited at the film’s premiere during the First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square in 2015. But what sets Sue apart and makes her story truly unique is that she's heading in to her 70's and she has an invisible muse named Susan Bird! Sue gains daily inspiration from Susan Bird and has created several pieces at the prodding of her muse. Sue Gilbert believes it's never to late to bring your gifts to the table--and then get them out into the world! Thank goodness for that, because her artwork is truly beautiful and each piece has its own personality. Please join us for a show about creativity, inspiration from seen and unseen, and giving birth to something truly amazing. Check out Sue's work Connect with Sue
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