#43: The Power of Great Friendships - with Chris Milligan - The Next 24 Hours

In the same way that crazy-makers will pull you down, being friends with healthy, whole people will take your life to the next level. In this episode, you’ll hear a conversation between me and a great friend of mine, Chris Milligan. Chris is the CEO of the Cincinnati Opera, as well as being one of the smartest people I know. Listen in to hear the crazy story of how we met, how to turn a mistake into a standing ovation, the values Chris lives by that I know are the reason for his success, and how you can level-up your friendships to make both you and your friends better people and professionals.  Learn more about spending an in-person VIP Day with Curtis: http://bit.ly/vipcurtis  Visit Curtis’ website, and sign up to get a free Living the Dream wristband: https://curtiszimmerman.com/ Or, sign up to get Curtis’ Write a New Script e-workbook for FREE: https://curtiszimmerman.com/newscript/
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