A Client Perspective: Using Digital to Change In-Store Experiences - What's Your (R)angle?

In our Season 1 finale, Jennifer Shannon is joined by Arun Ramdeane, Senior Director, Technology at Staples Canada, and Farouk Dossa Group Director, Client Partnerships at Rangle. Take a look at what the catalyst was for Staples and other organizations to embrace innovation. "Distill it down or synthesize it down to its smallest value prop that you can easily put out there and show. Because I think when a lot of things come around change. It's usually pretty big, right? And so you're not going to be successful putting something up very big in a month because it's just not going to happen. But if you can really like kind of synthesize something down that gives you the credibility to show how to push the change, especially if you're within like a large org, that's how you start to win. Right?"
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