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A wide-ranging talk with Borderlands Books' owner and founder Alan Beatts. Matthew and Alan discussed Borderlands' history -- including the controversy that garnered it unexpected national attention in 2015, landing Alan everywhere from the pages of the New Yorker to on camera for Fox and other news outlets. Matthew and Alan also talked about what the climate is like today for indie bookstores, both how they've dealt with Amazon and some of the innovative ways they continue to adapt to the future. Borderlands Books is a new and used bookstore specializing in science fiction, fantasy, mystery and horror, located in San Francisco's Mission District. Borderlands is one of the largest stores in their specialty in the world, with nearly 30,000 titles in stock. The store has been mentioned in AAA's travel magazine VIA, Gourmet Magazine, and the Washington Post. Last April, Borderlands made Atlas Obscura’s list of 62 of the World's Best Independent Bookstores.
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