Episode 51 - Millennial Real Estate Investing Plan For Financial Freedom - Real Estate Success With Jim Ingersoll

Enjoy this week's Real Estate Success Podcast, with special guest, Brantley Gunn, as we discuss how a millennial can invest in real estate and find financial freedom. Discussion points: * Facebook marketing, systems and virtual assistants * Brantley's 5 year plan to be financially free at the age of 30 * Being chained to desk with loads of student loan debt is not the path for all millennials * Why finding a good mentor can shortcut your path to success * Just do it!  Get out there an make a deal today! * Keys to buying foreclosures directly from the bank (before they are given to the Broker) * Bank of Brantley Deals * Why he loves being a 25 year old landlord Ready to take your investing to the next level? Join your podcast host, Jim Ingersoll, at BigMoneyInvestor.com
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