Ep 42. Nancy Drozdow and Debbie Bing: The Family Owned Business - Work and Life with Stew Friedman

Nancy Drozdow and Debbie Bing are two principals at CFAR; a private management consulting firm that focuses on both performance and relationships in family-owned businesses. CFAR was started as a research center at the Wharton School was established as an independent firm in 1987. Nancy Drozdow is a member of both the firm’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee. She is nationally known for her expertise as a thinking partner to leaders, successors, and successor candidates across the family enterprise. Debbie Bing began at the company as a Project Consultant in 1998, became an Associate in 1999, a Principal in 2006, and president in 2016. Her assumption of the Presidency represents the shift to CFAR’s second generation of leaders. Nancy and Debbie have been consulting with family-owned businesses for many years. Stew, Nancy, and Debbie talk about the special challenges and opportunities in family-owned business. s; they know how difficult it can be to integrate work and family when these two domains are one and the same. Fortunately, families who work together can overcome the challenge of having both a productive business and meaningful family life. Debbie and Nancy stress the importance of clearly defining expectations as a key to success. They spoke with Stew in the studio, offering great wisdom about what makes family-owned businesses so much fun.
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