33: Supporting Black Owned Businesses w/ Sharee Johnson-Cammon - Black Sheep Podcast

If you're interested in finding out about what drives and motivates someone with an active social conscience, join Nicole and her guest, Sharee Johnson-Cammon, on this week's show. Listen in and find out about Sharee and what she does to educate and raise the awareness of her community.   Sharee is from Houston Texas and she's the founder and owner of the BAM Black Friday Market, which she started in 2015. Although she shies away from the limelight, Sharee is active with social justice movements and with raising awareness about inequality, oppression, police brutality, communities and education. Listen in this week and find out what Sharee does to raise community awareness and create business opportunities for black people.     This week, Sharee and Nicole discuss:   * Providing information to inform and educate people, without overwhelming them. * How Sharee's business came about and what provided the impetus to make it happen. * That Sharee's business is a whole new thing for her. * How people of color tend to be overlooked for events and conferences. * Sharee's bold approach to getting out there and taking risks as an entrepreneur. * Sharee's planned event, now to be launched in 2017 and how she responded to the pressure to make it happen. * The momentum and motivation for creating something or for making something happen. * How people have been conditioned to believe that black owned businesses are inferior, and Sharee's efforts to create awareness to change that perception. * What really motivates Sharee. * How you can make a change with the money you hold in your hands. * Sharee's white friends' responses to what she's doing. * How some people have labelled Sharee racist for what she does. * The obvious disinvestment in black communities. * The criticism that has been directed towards Sharee, due to her focus being only on black owned businesses. * How businesses capitalize on black (people's) pain.   Links:   Sharee's website: www.bamblackfridaymarket.com     Dates for BAM Black Friday Market: 24th November 2017                                                   25th November 2017 and                                                    27th November 2017- Online for Cyber Monday   Follow Nicole on all the social media outlets- @liveblacksheep  
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