24. Jumanji (Listener Choice!) - Load Bearing Beams

Jumanji Fever is sweeping America—nay, the world—and Load Bearing Beams catches the fever by viewing Welcome To the Jungle's predecessor, 1995's much more somber, pensive, and scaled-down film, Jumanji. A listener selected this movie for the show, as neither Laci nor Matt was a big fan of it growing up. But this movie is much beloved by millions of people, so the show sets out to figure out why. It's a movie in which Robin Williams doesn't get to Robin Williams, and the plot revolves largely around dead and emotionally unavailable parents... we have a winner? Also: Laci has some feelings about Toodles, the levitating, tool-dispensing clock from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the newest edition of "Mickey's Clubhouse Clubhouse."    Time stamps: Mickey's Clubhouse Clubhouse: 03:15 Jumanji: 10:07   Website: www.loadbearingbeams.com   Twitter: @LoadBearingPod  
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