046.How to Resolve Conflict and Glorify God - the Warrior SHE

What is conflict? To me, it's that sticky, gooey place where my feet hesitate to tread. That dark and spooky forest filled with low hanging offenses where I tend to bump my feelings, then carry them with me for far too long. It's a place I avoid for fear I won't be able to wrangle my anger in the middle where those sharp and pointy words tend to fly forward, harming the very ones I love most. Have you been there? Do you visit often? Some I've heard enjoy the trip... see it as an amusement park, a joy ride, pointing fingers and riding high on the rollercoaster of pride and insecurity of others. But I've heard tell there's this special spot. You have to nail it down right there in the middle. It's kind of a tricky thing to get there, but I know a warrior who can take us. Her name is Abigail and she knows the way. I'm going there today and you could come with me if you want.  The way Abigail tells it, in the middle, conflict can be resolved. In the middle conflict isn't so bad. In the middle, peace can be found. But ou have to meet... even when it's hard... right there in the middle.  Will you join me... and Abigail, of course... in the middle? ........... Don't miss a single episode of the Warrior SHE on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and GooglePlay #realizetheWarriorwithin Resources can be downloaded @theWarriorSHE.com  
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