Laura Vanderkam: Disrupting Time Management - The Femails

Meet Laura Vanderkam, an author, productivity expert, and a woman disrupting time management skills. I first came across Laura’s work when Career Contessa published an article called “How You’re Wasting 50+ Hours a Week” and, as you can probably imagine, I was immediately taken by the article because it’s true— we all do share the same number of hours in a week—168 to be exact—but it does seem like some people machines that power through their to-do lists while others are just “too busy” all the time.  Why? I naturally when straight to the time management source with Laura, a seven-time author, TED speaker, a mother of four, and a woman who has analyzed the time diaries of 900+ people. On this episode, you'll  learn: * How we can disrupt our own relationships with time and our ever-growing to-do lists * The  weekly habit we can all need to adopt ASAP * The question you should ask yourself before you agree to that networking dinner three weeks from now   Show Notes: 28-Day Career Kickstart Career Contessa Instagram “How You’re Wasting 50+ Hours a Week” Laura Vanderkam
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