#38 Pack It Up. Pack It In, Let Me Bemoan - Absolute Packer Podcast

* A game recap from yesterday’s historic 20–17 loss at home to Arizona. * Arizona came into the game with the worst offense in most categories, yet moved the ball well in the second half. * The event after the game, Mike McCarthy was fired! Shocked Packer Nation! * Did the loss necessitate the move by Murphy or was it just the final straw? * Was McCarthy a highly successful coach during his 13 year tenure. What positives happened? What was not so positive ? * Joe Philbin named interim coach for the last 4 games. Will he make a difference? Is he a viable candidate for the position? * Murphy stated in today’s press conference that he and Gute will work together to hire the 15th coach. Should it work like that, or should Gute have full authority? * What kind of coach is desirable? What traits should a coach have to excel here? Any candidates you would like to see hired? * The offseason looks to be riddled with as much doubt in over a decade. Do you feel good about the Packers chances to turn this around quickly and compete for Super Bowl next year? * How much of a challenge will the next coach have with Rodgers? Should Rodgers be involved in the process?
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