Episode 53: "The Pepin Mill" - Rebel Guru Radio

In this Episode, Eric discusses his thoughts on a common topic discussed in the new age community called “Shadow Work”. Learn why the “I’s” are a more efficient and cleaner approach to working with your inner personalities and behaviors. Find out if you are being too passive in life because of your sociological programming and how to grow past that. Eric is raw and honest about "The Pepin Mill", so YOU the student can know what you’re getting into. Enjoy! In this show we cover:  * The strengths and weaknesses of shadow work and a more targeted way to tackle real and effective self-work. * How self-awareness and self-reflection are the keys to true self-development.  * How "negative" personalities or "I's" may actually be good. * What is "The Pepin Mill" * How some spiritual people are too passive and why passivity has nothing to do with spirituality.  * Psychotherapy session for passive people.  Magnetic Pill- Click to Purchase  Related Courses: Reverse Engineering the Self Ties That Bind Thought Reflection
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