33. Duck Soup / Ace Ventura: Pet Detective - Load Bearing Beams

In an episode Laci calls, "Ace Soup" and Matt calls, "A Detective, Duck!" the Cromulent Couple once again wade into the uncertain world of comedy. Comedy is hard to discuss. You either find something funny or you don't.  Case in point: Duck Soup (1933), an 85-year-old movie that Laci, having never before seen a Marx Brothers movie, found utterly hilarious. And case in counter-point: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994), a movie heretofore unseen by Matt that is comparably new, yet seems incredibly dated.  Who is the best Marx? Is Jim Carrey funny? If Jim Carrey had brothers who made movies with him, would he be better? We answer these burning questions once and for all.   Time stamps: Duck Soup: 08:02 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective: 22:15   Want us to talk about YOUR load-bearing beam movie on a Listener's Choice(TM) special? Leave us a review on iTunes and in your review include the name of the movie and why it means so much to you. Website: www.loadbearingbeams.com Twitter: @LoadBearingPod YouTube: LoadBearingBeams
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