“I Saved $100,000 in 3.5 Years on $54,000 Salary—Here's How” - The Femails

Meet Bola Sokunbi the founder of Clever Girl Finance as well as the author of a newly released book by that same name. Bola’s a financial force but her story didn’t start like that. Today, her site gives financial advice and teaches financial literacy to millions of women each year, but less than a few years ago, Bola was making $54,000 a year and working toward a goal to become debt-free—and save more than $100,000. Spoiler alert she hit that goal and she’s sharing how she did it plus, I’m asking her some popular money questions like how much should you have in your emergency fund, which debt should you pay down first, and how can you invest when you don’t have a lot of extra income. Show notes CareerContessa.com Career Contessa Instagram The Femails Podcast Instagram Clever Girl Finance Website Clever Girl Finance 29 Side Hustles That Actually Work
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