Episode 6 - The Paper Man - Not So Boring Conversations

Every Thursday over 10,000 people in and around Essex County in Southern Ontario are greeted by The Essex Free Press on their doorstep or mail box. Even in a world where our phones give us up to minute news 24 hours a day there is something about a community newspaper created by people, who live, shop, and support that same community. There are no agendas, no wasted space about Kardashian's or Bieber antics. The Essex Free Press provides the news that people in their community want in a format that is liked. For almost 20 years Richard Parkinson has been involved in the newspaper business in Essex. From a humble reporter to the man behind the curtain of the Essex Free Press he has seen the status of the newspaper business fall and rise time again but has never wavered from being honest with his readers and the news itself.
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