How to Practice Mindfulness at Work for Big Results - The Femails

Today’s teachers are  Ashley Graber and Shira Myrow, pyschotherapists, meditation and mindfulness educators, founders of the Evenflow app, and the women who will be teaching us how to bring mindfulness to work—and why it matters so much for our overall fulfillment and long-term success. On this episode, Ashley and Shira will break down exactly how you can work mindfulness into your daily life without the pressure of creating your zen den in your home. And because we’re here for that real-talk advice, be sure to stick around till after Ashley and Shira’s teachable moment because we’ll be answering your listener questions starting with how to manage your emotions such as crying and getting flustered at work.   You can submit your career questions for us to answer on future episodes by leaving us a voicemail at 844-FEMAILS Show Notes: Career Contessa Instagram: 844-FEMAILS (844- 336-2457) Evenflow App: Ashley Graber: Shira Myrow:
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