Episode 21: Cici Whittle (2017/03/09) - This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper

Comedian and dear friend to David, Cici Whittle joins us at 820 Valencia St. Having finished her taxes early, she's on the market and dating. Carbon dating. We quickly find out none of her suitors are good enough for her. David and Cici discuss aging, and open up about their bittersweet experiences with divorce. Chopsticks notwithstanding. Cici tell us about heroin addicted newborns. The two discuss the current president, removal of office and feces. Feces being unrelated, perhaps. Cici talks about her past and present participation in social justice movements. Our strange caller Satan from last week's episode rings. Unmasked as Celeste from Modesto, she reveals a bit about herself. Having trouble deciphering what's true, David and Cici's patience with Satan/Celeste begins to run thin. David's girlfriend calls in to remove Celeste from the line and conducts extensive Internet "research" on her (read: stalking). That went well, I think. Comedian and flirt Jesus U. BettaWork walks by the studio and takes David's seat causing David to incept his own show. Cici ends the show in disarray. No update on the Suzuki SV650S.
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