#47 - Fora: Reinventing Butter and Getting Your Startup Off the Ground - Eat For The Planet with Nil Zacharias

Aidan Altman and Andrew McClure are the founders of the up-and-coming plant-based food startup, Fora. Their signature FabaButter is made using aquafaba, the starchy water that comes in cans of chickpeas, and is palm oil free – two traits that set their product ahead of many butter alternatives out on the market. In this conversation, we talk about: * What motivated Andrew and Aidan to start a food company * What they learned from other existing butter substitutes to help guide their own ingredient list and marketing decisions. * The struggles of launching a food start-up and what they have done to start building their brand from the ground up. * How Fora will stay original in the face of an increasingly saturated dairy-alternative sector * Marketing tips and advice they have picked up so far along their journey.   Get the Eat For The Planet book at https://eftp.co/   Show notes for this episode: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/episode-forty-seven-fora/   Follow Nil Zacharias on Twitter   Newsletter signup: http://eepurl.com/cTT7Tv   Like #EatForThePlanet on Facebook   Contact us at eftp@onegreenplanet.org  
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