Amanda Enayati: Managing Anxiety, Managing Yourself - The Femails

Meet Amanda Enayati, a stress expert, author, and cancer survivor. If you’ve ever looked at the headlines around stress and anxiety,  the message is very clear: Chronic stress is on the rise. But what about the research that tells us how we can manage our stress or even turn our anxiety into positive action? And is there a difference between professional stress and personal? With so many questions about the topic, I was eager to find a stress expert who could actually provide some answers.   Amanda’s path to becoming a stress expert is a combination of both personal and professional experiences, starting around age 10 when Amanda became a child refugee because of a revolution in Iran.  And later, when Amanda was also hit with a life-threatening cancer diagnosis. That’s when Amanda started to write and record a new narrative for herself. A narrative that eventually turned her into the nation’s premier stress columnist and expert, a published author, and even launched an entirely new career. On this episode, we’ll cover: * How to stress better and lean into more of the good stress * What we can learn from elite athletes and how they react to stress * And how to develop a better sense of control that you can use in your career and life Show Notes: Hire a Mentor Career Coaching Seeking Serenity The 3% Movement
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