010 - Community Service + Philanthropy - PIKE Podcast

The philanthropy and community service efforts of our chapters on an international level truly speak to the good that we can do when we use our resources to benefit our communities. Recalling the four True PIKE commitments, a commitment to our communities goes hand in hand with our membership in this organization. The best way to realize this commitment is to build a program that will only improve as time goes on. In this episode, Jarrett is joined by Northwest + Great Plains Consultant Jared Campbell (East Central, Epsilon Omega '14) to talk about effective community service and philanthropy events, how to structure this area of programming within your chapter and the logistics behind event planning. Resource Links Discussed: PIKE Blog - Community Service + Philanthropy (www.pikes.org/blog/2018/02/12/community-service-and-philanthropy) PIKE Blog - CrowdChange Partnership (www.pikes.org/blog/2017/10/03/philanthropy-fundraising-online) Community Service + Philanthropy Handbook (Direct link at pikes.org/podcast)
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