13: Looking Back and Moving Forward - The Plus Podcast

In the short time since we launched The Plus Podcast, on August 20, 2019, we have published 12 full-length episodes covering many topics, including List Acquisition, Data Analysis, Informed Delivery, Presort vs. Commingling, Outbound Marketing and so much more. In this week’s podcast, we wanted to recap everything we covered in one place, to make sure you didn’t miss anything. ... Learn More: www.mw-direct.com/pluspod ... www.mw-direct.com/pluspod1 www.mw-direct.com/pluspod2 www.mw-direct.com/pluspod3 www.mw-direct.com/pluspod4 www.mw-direct.com/pluspod5 www.mw-direct.com/pluspod6 www.mw-direct.com/pluspod7 www.mw-direct.com/pluspod8 www.mw-direct.com/pluspod9 www.mw-direct.com/pluspod10 www.mw-direct.com/pluspod11 www.mw-direct.com//pluspod12
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