LAST CALL: Top Questions About the WellBe Spark Health Program: Closing 1/21/20! - The WellBe Podcast with Adrienne Nolan-Smith (getwellbe) - The WellBe Podcast (getwellbe)

Tuesday, January 21 is the LAST DAY to register for the WellBe Spark Health Program, our 8-week program in which we will help you make long-lasting, health-transforming changes to your life.  In this episode, I address some of the most common questions I've gotten from people who are on the fence about signing up for the program, as well as a few reasons I WOULDN'T sign up for the program. Listen to the episode now to find out why this is definitely NOT a cleanse or “reboot,” how the live webinars fit into anyone’s busy schedule, what the refund policy is, what the wellness concierge service is, why it’s not just for people with chronic disease, and much more. You can sign up for the program here: Be sure to act fast! Registration ends tomorrow, Tuesday 1/21. We'll be back with a new interview next week! xx Adrienne + Team WellBe
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