Pod For Yah Girl - Nwugochi Lewis: Empowermentor + Diversity Advocate +The Entrepreneur Launcher

What is Pod For Yah Girl.........? Well, it's a Podcast designed to inspire women of color as we champion, struggle and claw our way through the trials of life. Where we can actually sit down and talk about our society in ways that relate to bridging the gap between women everywhere. All women from all walks of life are important, however I see a real lack when it comes to women of color having a voice in many mainstream industries. There are many young women that need to see women just like them championing life in a very attainable way. The goal for “Pod For Yah Girl” is to give practical advice through segments that women of color can relate to.This Podcast is not segregated to women of color, however it's created for ALL women who have embraced this sisterhood of change.
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