Bold Magnificence: Stories and Tools that Support Us to Live Fully Alive - Nat Couropmitree

The essence of who we are is Magnificence and when we allow ourselves to live in alignment with our unique Magnificence, we feel alive. The Bold Magnificence podcast features conversations with entrepreneurs who have boldly chosen to live in alignment with what makes them come alive. In each episode, guests share: (1) What currently lights them up; (2) The inner and outer shifts that make it possible to enjoy their current experience; and, (3) They share a practice which keeps them in alignment. Nat Couropmitree is the host and creator of this show. His intention is to inspire what's possible and show the diversity of expressed Magnificence in our world. Nat will also be sharing personal insights to support you in living your version of Magnificence. New episodes are published every Tuesday and Friday.
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