45 Days of Faith - 45 Days of Faith

Pastor Michael DiMarco creates short, four or five minute devotionals to listen to daily for 45 days for individuals, couples, and families. Season One is 45 Days of Faithfulness, committing to live a more faith-full life in seven different areas of church life. Season Two is 45 Days of Thankfulness; learning to live a more thank-full life. The goal of self-examining these areas of faith in our lives is not to feel better about ourselves for 45 days and then go back to “normal,” but to create a new normal. Likewise, we don’t look to be more faithful or thankful for any reward or to earn God’s favor, but out of response and gratitude for God’s faithfulness in our lives. Pastor Michael invites you on a journey in discovering how God’s faithfulness to us and for us should fuel our faithfulness and thankfulness to Jesus and His church.
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