Building Nexcast - An Inside Look at Growing a Startup Business - Nexcast

Building Nexcast chronicles the many ups and downs of working with a team to execute a vision and bring a product to the world. Appropriate to the medium, this product is a podcast app and new platform that aims to make podcasting better for everyone. This is not a business podcast or a tech podcast - it is a peek into the lives of struggling entrepreneurs who want to build something that benefits the community. The ultimate goal is to build the “People’s Podcast App” - one that has all the features users want, without ads or a charge to download. The app isn't even available yet, so the future is uncertain. The first 12 episodes take you on a journey in and around the brutal but sometimes rewarding world of the startup life. Nobody knows where the next 12 episodes will take us, so grab your earbuds and come along for the ride!
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