Real Estate While You Drive Podcast I Getting Started I Raising Private Money I Deal Structuring, Shortcuts and Strategies To Making Big Money With Small Lists, Creating Wealth and Building a Business With Passion - Erik Stark (Negotiation and Marketing) and Steven Mills (Business Development and Visionary) Talk Real Estate, Finance and Acquisition.

Real Estate While You Drive Podcast is a weekly quick tip podcast (typically less than 30 minutes) that focuses on simple to implement strategies that you can apply to your real estate business. From Getting Started in Real Estate for Less Than $100 to Owner Financing Your Way to Wealth, this podcast focuses on “All Things Real Estate” and delivers in consumable 30 minute sessions. Whether you are looking to raise private money, 5 ways to structure a deal, how to grow your current real estate business or simply getting started, you will learn proven strategies, heard through real life case studies, backed with simple action steps and supported by our ongoing direct involvement with your growth.
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