The Process Podcast - Amonté Martin and Quavon Taylor

Hosts Amonté Martin and Quavon Taylor explore through testimonies and interviews what it means to trust the process, and persist and overcome adversity to achieve one's goal. Everyone has a story. Everyone has been through something, where at one point in their life they have had to either contemplate giving up or succumbing to their circumstances. For those who chose to persevere, this podcast will serve as a platform for those individuals to express what it was like going through an adverse situation, how they overcame that situation, and what advice they would give to those who may be currently facing similar struggles. For those who are currently facing hardships, this podcast will offer an outlet of support, a peace of mind, some helpful advice, or maybe even guidance on how to conquer a hurdle in their life. #TrustTheProcess #OvercomeAchieve #OvercomeAdversity #TheProcessPodcast Instagram: Twitter: FaceBook:
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