From ADHD to Amaze-Ability™: Children and Adults with ADHD | Total Lifestyle Optimization | Champion Your ADHD™ - Dawn Kamilah Brown, MD: Child & Adult Psychiatrist | Mental Health Strategist | The MD with ADHD

Doubt, fear and frustration are common feelings before and after a child or adult is diagnosed with ADHD. Dawn Brown, MD, psychiatrist and the MD with ADHD, moves listeners from feeling dissed as you discard the common view of ADHD as a mental health disability and transform your child’s (and the family’s) life into the bliss that comes with a lifestyle optimized for Amaze-Ability™. Supermoms, superdads, kids and adults use these proven strategies, tools, and resources to determine what is possible in a life touched by ADHD. Become one of the real-life success stories like the ones you hear on From ADHD to Amaze-Ability™.
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