Job Seekers Radio - Andrew Beach and Scott Pickard

Join Andrew and Scott as they help you learn the ins-and-outs of networking philosophy, tactical execution, and ways to deal with the emotional roller-coaster of career transition. From years of personal experience and career counseling, Scott and Andrew help you realize that your past job search hasn’t yielded the results you anticipated, not because you weren’t qualified, but because of your participation in the a process with rules you don’t control. The Job Seekers Radio show is about new training and coaching tips to support your success, whether you are working or not! We both know there’s always something to learn about yourself, getting to the right people and getting offers for great career opportunities. Subscribe and tune-in to episodes on... Discovering your purpose Moving your networking beyond a dummies-level understanding Real-life career counseling situations How to move past the online applications on Indeed, Linkedin or Careerbuilder The top ways to maximize your chances of getting great jobs near Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable group events Career and job search advice Interview preparation and questions Informational interview strategies Don’t let the unemployment and lack of work get you down, our show is dedicated to the most challenged job seekers facing things like ageism, application “hell”, corporate compliance, recruiter avoidance, ATS rejection, or isolation.
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