Miles of Fitness - B100 / Federated Media

Join B100’s Deb Miles on her fitness journey in the new podcast Miles of Fitness. This show is about the realities of fitness, wellness and losing weight. You won’t find advice from a perfect in-shape person here! This is a show hosted by a middle-aged chubby woman on a fitness journey — and it is a journey. Getting to your destination can take a LONG time and sometimes you have to back track a bit (aka gain 20 lbs) to get where you want to go. But ultimately fitness is more about the journey itself. Deb is ready to get real — about her workouts, the food she’s eating, the challenges she’s dealing with and the successes she’s achieving. Join Deb as she interviews experts, other people trying to achieve their own health and fitness goals, and even her therapist. New episodes drop on the first Monday every month.
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