Big Citric's Podcast - Big Citric

Looking to sink your teeth into a fresh podcast? Actor/Comedian Anthony 'Citric' Campos and Producer/Director RedOneRabbit bring you a comedic yet mind-blowing podcast series loaded with incredible guests and hilarious conversations. Our podcasts consist of two types of episodes. One is a 40-50min segment that has us sitting with your favorite artist/actor and asking some interesting questions. The other (marked as the blue-tape series) is a funny 20 minute sit down discussing conspiracy theories, paranormal activity, weed, parties and much more. We must warn that the blue tape edition is REALLY random and loaded with some outrageous comedy (420 friendly). Yes, there are many podcasts out there but we're unique. I mean, our goal is not just to have you listening but have you feeling like you're part of the conversation. We believe that podcasts should have you feeling some type of way and that's what we're trying to deliver. So with that said, grab a drink (or a bong), relax, and enjoy the show. Make sure to check out our website at!
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