Thank You For You - Thank You For You

We are a safe space where healers and those in need of healing come to share and seek solutions on their life journeys. The Thank You For You (TU4U) podcast attracts people who have gained valuable wisdom through their adversity and want to share it in hopes of helping others create solutions. We know that the Internet is a powerful space to find and share information. Our mission at TU4U is to create the largest reservoir of unique stories of transformation and empowerment that provide actionable solutions (advice, guides, suggestions, tips, wisdom…) from people from all walks of life. Healing comes when we are open to the wisdom of others and can use creativity to build our own solutions, there is no one right way. We believe that sharing your story is a life changing experience, both for the one sharing and their audience, and we at TU4U hope to trigger positive life changes for millions of people around the world. Listening to someone’s story with similar circumstances and a map of how they overcame is like building a bridge between souls.
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