Working On the Inside Podcast with Tricia Miller, M.Ed., LPC - Tricia Miller, M.Ed, LPC |Therapist | Educator | Entrepreneur | Mom

The Working on the Inside Podcast is an educational podcast for life-long learners. Hosted by Tricia Miller, M.Ed, LPC, a Houston-based Therapist/Educator/Entrepreneur/Mom in private practice, features interviews with her Super Village of Educators, Counselors, Mental Health Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Healthy Living Experts, Spiritual Leaders, Former Students, etc. as well as stories from her Friends & Family. In her weekly conversations with her guests, listeners gain insight in finding the secrets of happiness, joy, purpose, peace, success and love. Also, find out how real people build courage, resilience and meaningful relationships in their lives. The podcast will explore people in their internal landscape-- the values, traits and character of every day people who act and think in extraordinary ways.
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