Pomsky 101 - Find. Train. Raise The Perfect Pomeranian Husky Dog. - Pomsky Owners Association

Welcome to the Pomsky 101 Podcast, the official podcast of the Pomsky Owners Association. Whether you are still looking for that perfect Pomsky, sifting through scams and trying to find a reputable breeder to bring a happy and healthy Pomsky puppy into your home, or if you already own a Pomsky and are struggling to raise and train the energetic strong willed Pomsky breed, this podcast is for you. The Pomsky 101 Podcast will not only give you the tools to find and raise the perfect Pomsky, but will also bring you key insights, lessons, and tips from hundreds of Pomsky owners and breeders that have been in your shoes finding and raising the perfect Pomsky companion for their home.
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