The Affirmation Station - Tania Joy Antonio

You have arrived. The Affirmation Station is a place to come and fill yourself up with positive affirmations, mini mantras, empowering stories, inspiring conversations, mindful meditation and ultimate ease and relaxation. Your host Tania Joy Antonio will share her passion for the power of positive affirmations. Her goal is to raise awareness about your overall wellbeing including mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and emotional. Imagine less screen time and MORE peace The opportunity to PAUSE. BREATHE and CONNECT. Allow the content in the programing to bring a little OM into your Home. The Future is NOW. Tania Joy Antonio aspires to get the conversations flowing, she wants your children to share their stories, connect with one another and to themselves. Share your child’s magic. Let their voice be heard. Do you love to write poems or short stories? Send them to for a chance to have it featured on the show. Print off your gratitude journaling paper and affirmation coloring pages at
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