Gun Owners Radio - Gun Owners Radio

Tune in with your friends online! It’s time to have fun again on Gun Owners Radio, Southern California’s fastest-growing weekly radio talk show devoted to empowering you, the shooting sports enthusiast! News, interesting subjects, and cool new products you can use. Keeping you excited, connected and informed on a wide range of matters is what veteran radio hosts Dave Stall, Michael Schwartz and Joe Drammissi do! We bring you new and interesting products, fun and exciting venues to take part in the sport, experts in various fields of the sport to learn from, keep you informed on new laws, how you can get involved to protect and preserve your sport and your rights, local and national political leaders and fun, fun and more fun! Yes, we are YOUR radio show devoted to our sport, the shooting sports. Stay connected, listen every week to Gun Sports Radio. Empower your friend too! Tell them about how you like our show!
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