I Said Chyyy... - Dennis Maurice

Chyyy: Origin: A Colloquialism: The lexicon of black grannies and gay best friends with all the good advice and hot tea, respectively. Meaning: An indelible part in the cannon of linguistics for Black folk, particularly in the speech of many women and gay men. Generally said before a good read on a subject or situation is given as you share a story. Examples: "I saw Ronnie at the bar with Annalise, so I walked over to him and I said chyyy what is you doing, you know if Gertie find out you over here trickin' yougon' be back on ya mama couch." "Cheeto said he had the biggest public event ever held in life... I said chyyy if you don't get your ol' dorito dust head ass off my TV." "The other sister from Mary Mary said that she supports Trump and I said chyyy I decided you were cancelled YESTERDAYYY..." GET IT? Good! I Said Chyyy is a weekly podcast that focuses on current events, enduring issues, and the folks who said Chyyy I got to change this world before I leave. Hosted by Dennis Maurice, you can expect guests to talk about our world over a nice drink and a good meal provided by #BistroRAHA. The podcast is rooted in a new model for self-care and activated leadership and not too good for a little petty - BALANCE. Race, Politics, Black folks, Beauty, Food, Fashion, Solutions, Decisions, Disruption, and so much more are welcome to the table. Want in? Join us on Soundcloud, iTunes, and GooglePlay: I Said Chyyy #ISaidChyyy
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